Scavenger Hunts. The best way to Explore your City

Scavenger Hunts Thailand Singapore

Why are corporate scavenger hunts the best way to explore your city? Scavenger hunts are a fun and unique way to motivate your employees and make them feel like they’re a part of something bigger. Plus, we can easily customise them to fit into your schedule and your needs. As well as the skills of your team members. Here’s how to plan an effective corporate scavenger hunt that will be both challenging and rewarding for all involved participants.

Corporate Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Your employees could use a quick break from their normal routine, and what better way than with a scavenger hunt? We can get as creative as you want with the activities. Just don’t let your team come in last! 

What Is a Corporate Scavenger Hunt?

Starting a corporate scavenger hunt is an easy way to improve employee engagement. A scavenger hunt combines teamwork, fun activities, and problem-solving skills into one event. It’s a great way for employees to interact with each other outside of their departments and have fun while they do it. The good news is that planning a corporate scavenger hunt isn’t difficult. There are some simple steps you can follow to make your company events enjoyable, engaging, and ultimately productive. You just need to know where to go. And that’s where LairdTeam comes in!

Who can take part?

Anyone! In order to win, however, you need to be a part of your company’s team. You can take part in a corporate scavenger hunt even if you’re not an employee of your company—as long as you’re on someone else’s team. And employees of any level are welcome; don’t worry about starting at low levels and working your way up—if you want a chance at winning, just get started.

How Do I plan My Corporate Scavenger Hunt?

There are a few key elements you’ll need in order to organize a successful corporate scavenger hunt. First, make sure you get buy-in from your company’s top brass. Corporate culture is one of those things that can make or break employee morale. So if you want to organize your first scavenger hunt for work, don’t do it without approval from above.

Next, identify participants. Whether you have 20 people on your team or 100, getting an equal number of people involved is important. You don’t want some employees who aren’t able to complete their tasks simply because they didn’t sign up for it. Finally, contact us with your details. 

We will then organise your team members and scatter them around the city, chasing down items. We will map out what each item entails and where everyone needs to go find it.

How Do We Pick Teams?

The best way to pick teams is always going to be debatable. Many people will suggest a random selection method. When you’re running a team-building activity, ensure that each person on your team is with someone from another department.

This helps build relationships outside of your team and allows for better communication between departments. In addition, make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to take part. If one person knows where all the clues are, then they can essentially do all the work! To get around this problem, we usually give out a list with just enough info about locations to lead participants in the right direction but not enough details that they can complete it independently.

What Should We Do After We Finish Our Hunt?

Now that you’ve finished your corporate scavenger hunt, use it to keep your team motivated and organize. Are you looking for some more fun ways to bond with your employees? Here are a few other activities that can help: Amazing Races, Treasure Hunts and Build a Bike

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