Movie Making on iPads Fun Corporate Indoor Events

Movie making on iPads

Looking to add some fun corporate team building events to your employee’s calendars? Here’s one great idea that they will love! With our iPad movie making, each team will get an iPad to create their own short movie. 

Tailor this corporate team building activity towards any industry. Let us know if you want to make changes or additions to the concept. Such as having a funny commercial or advertisement for your company’s products and services featured in the movie!

The iPad has revolutionized the way we view movies, and it’s about time that we revolutionize how we make them! At our iPad-based filmmaking events, you’ll get to make your own movie with your friends and colleagues in an immersive and creative environment. You’ll get to work together as a team and come up with an idea for your movie before you film it!

How Movie Making on iPads Work

At our fun corporate team building event, we first get to know each other. Once that’s done, we brainstorm movie ideas and plan how they are going to be shot out. Then it is up to you guys to shoot your short movie. With iPads, it’s a whole new world of moviemaking and editing. We want you guys to have maximum creative control, but let us know if you need any guidance!

The Planning Phase

Start by brainstorming ideas and create the story, script and characters. After a little rehearsing and role-play, you’re ready to shoot!

Shooting your Movie

Let the fun begin. Teams leave the meeting room to shoot their movies armed with a variety of colourful props. There is no shortage of wigsglassesmaskshats, etc., which enhances your movie characters while adding even more fun!

Editing your Movies on iPads

 We work with your teams to show how the software works. You then simply select your favourite scenes and add transitions and music.

End with an Oscar Nominations

The event ends with prestigous film award. Oscars go to best actor, actress and director. Not forgetting the traditional thanks you speeches!

What we include in the event?

Corporate team building events using iPads to create corporate videos. Each team will receive guidance, shooting tips, and props throughout their shoot to help create an entertaining movie. Props includer wigs, masks, glasses etc to add a splash of colour.

**This doesn’t include a screen or projector, which needs to be set up by your chosen hotel.**

Movie Making on iPads Overview 

  • Event Duration: 4-5 hours although this could be a full day event.
  • Group Size: 10 persons approx depending on your allocated budget.
  • Location: Anywhere in Thailand, Singapore or across Asia 
  • Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and creativity.

Why choose Movie Making on iPads?

Film-making on iPads provides a fun and creative environment whilst allowing your teams to learn how to use new technology. They achieved this by working together to create your short movie, which could be a comedy, love story or even an adverting your products or services.

This will also bring your teams closer and establish trust between each other. Each team member assigns roles such as e.g. director, and producers.

Movie Making on iPads Promotes Teamwork

This fun activity can be part of an offsite team meeting or even a holiday party. Movie making on iPads requires teamwork so you get to work out your problem solving skills and your people skills. Follow instructions, cooperate with each other, talk through issues when they arise and solve problems that come up.

In short, if you want to get more done in less time, make films on iPads! It’s really easy once you get going! Imagine what it will feel like looking back at your movie at how far everyone has come. After all, team members rarely see how much they learn from working together during trainings, workshops or conferences. However, movie making on iPads activities it’s obvious who learned from whom because of their new found knowledge and ability to use technology.

If you’re based in the UK visit our partners for more on making movie team building events on iPads.

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