Fashion and Team Building go Hand in Hand to Inspire Creativity

Fashion Team Building Thailand Singapore

Fashion Team Building. Are you searching for new and innovative ways to build the bonds of your team? Why not consider organizing an event that involves fashion? It may sound like a crazy idea, but it works! So how does it work? Team building through fashion requires creativity, design and collaboration skills, all of which are useful in developing any project or business endeavour.

Fun with Fashion and Branding

A fashion team building experience. When you think of team building, what’s typically top of mind? A leadership retreat with a coaching lector? There are certainly many creative ways to bring together your employees as a cohesive unit. In today’s economy, we provide innovative ways to generate new ideas that contribute to innovation and your budget. Here’s where fashion comes in!

Start by Creating a Clothing Brand Logo

When you’re creating a clothing brand, one of your most important branding decisions is what to name your brand. Choosing an appropriate name can be tricky. Consider how easy it will be for customers to pronounce and remember how it will sound if you add it as a suffix to a longer word, how easy it will be for people from other countries to spell.

Shopping for Materials to Make Clothes

Most fashion designers start with a shopping trip to their local fabric store. Team members buy their fashion materials at a local market. This could be anything from food to bin liners! Did we forget we provide a budget for this!

Hence, it’s crucial that you know exactly what you’re looking for before you travel to the local clothing markets. Research options with your team so that you know exactly what you need for your budget.

Creating and Making Garments

No matter what type of fashion items your team has decided, you need to work together to make them. Being able to make your own garments is a must. Learning how to sew your own clothes will teach you discipline in budgeting and clothing creativity. It will also train you on how to visualize garments in their entirety. You’ll get hands-on experience while creating with your team!

Corporate Fashion on the Catwalk

Creating a corporate fashion catwalk is another great way to get your team members working together. Team members get to wear their created outfits on the catwalk. Two participants from each team model their look for the rest of their colleagues before getting feedback. The idea behind this is that it allows people to feel more comfortable about sharing what they like, which will help create cohesion in your office.

Fashion Team Building – Inspire Your Team

With so many brands to choose from, it’s difficult to find ones that fit your team’s aesthetic and inspire your employees. Some companies don’t even have a brand at all, which could leave your staff working without direction. Fortunately, you can remedy that problem by hosting a fashion-design workshop during one of your monthly team-building sessions.

Present And Brag About It

Team building doesn’t always have to be competitive or stressful. For example, a great team-building activity is one that combines fashion with creativity. At one event we helped put together, we started with a design workshop where each team created their own logo on fabric. From there, we took our fashion team building to another level by putting together a catwalk show for all of our clients.

  • Event Duration: 4-5 hours for this event although this could be a full day event.
  • Group Size: 25 persons to over 200+ depending on your chosen location
  • Location: Anywhere across the UK although we recommend a city or town location.
  • Benefits:  Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Fashion team building quotations are inclusive of:

Materials, clothes etc., scissors, sewing needles, thread, drawing materials , prizes, consultants, MC, and all associated materials.

For more information on our fashion team building contact us today with your dates, group size and location.