Corporate Treasure Hunts. A Fun Way To Motivate Your Group

Treasure Hunts Thailand Singapore

Corporate treasure hunts are a great way to inject some extra fun into your business projects. They are also great for team-building and encouraging camaraderie. But what is a corporate treasure hunt? What does it involve and where do you start?

When you’re leading a team, finding fun and creative ways to build trust and togetherness is essential. And there’s no better way than a corporate treasure hunt across Thailand and Singapore

The value of corporate treasure hunts

  • Corporate treasure hunts are serious fun 
  • They help you reach your goals as a team 
  • Treasure hunts challenge teams to be engaged, innovative and work together. 
  • They also encourage cooperation, communication, innovation and collaboration!
  • Corporate treasure hunts are fun, productive team building activities.

Our events are outstanding for building ties among coworkers, but they can also build relationships with clients or groups of vendors. Treasure hunts work for any age. They come in all shapes and sizes, so we can tailor one that’s right for your group

If you’re looking for something simple, choose our treasure hunts. This event relies on trivia questions that take participants to some well know landmarks. We make things even easier by having your group answer the questions in teams to combine knowledge from everyone involved. 

Treasure hunts are excellent for companies that want to get out of the office and away from their desks. For example, we create events where your group has to work together to solve clues at various locations around town (a local stores, a famous landmark, etc.). 

Corporate Treasure Hunt Locations

These could include great places in Bangkok, such as Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Lumpini Park, Kings Palace and more. 

For Singapore – Marina Bay is an awesome location for a treasure hunt. Not forgetting Little India, Chinatown and Singapore zoo!

No matter where you’re based, we can set up a fun treasure hunt for you.

As a bonus, this kind of activity helps promote exercise and healthy living! Do you have a bigger budget or more time to plan? We highly recommend our amazing races

The real value of these activities is in the interaction between participants. Teamwork can be difficult for some people, but most people love puzzles and clues. When you combine the two, you’ve got the perfect activity for fostering teamwork in any group. 

A treasure hunt is also an opportunity for your team to bond outside of their usual work environment and connect on a more personal level. When you make the clues challenging, but not impossible, your team will feel accomplished when they complete the hunt successfully. 

A sense of accomplishment will translate into higher morale and greater trust among teammates. 

Corporate treasure hunts are a great option for team building and building relationships. They’re fun and allow people to get to know each other on a more personal level. Try your hand at the corporate treasure hunt for work today and see what it does for your teamwork!

They are for your employees to be entertained and create a fun-filled environment. Treasure Hunts are also great for getting groups of people to work together, encouraging communication and interaction. 

Corporate Treasure Hunt Conclusion

We can arrange our Treasure hunts throughout the year, and are great for team building or just to have fun with friends. A well-designed treasure hunt is an excellent way of adding a bit of interest to a conference or meeting. Do you run a business that involves a lot of customer contact? Then organise a Treasure Hunt as part of your customer service training programme?

They can take place in any location, and could even start in the office. The excitement will build up as the competition progresses into more challenging tasks on the outside. A successful Treasure Hunt will be one that is relevant to your company’s activities and provide plenty of opportunities for photos and video clips – which is always good publicity!

For more information or a quotation contact us today. Don’t forget to give us your group size, dates and location. Visit our partners for Treasure Hunts across the UK


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