Fun Beach Clean up Campaigns. A Cleaner And Safer Beach!

Clean Up Campaigns Thailand

Fun beach clean up campaigns. Finally a cleaner environment! We’re clearing up this beach and you can help! Yes, you heard us right. Do you love going to the beach? If so, then you’ll love this! What? A company that cleans up beaches? What’s the catch?! That’s right, there is no catch. We clear up beaches and other polluted locations with a fun corporate event where we actively involve your colleagues in an interactive experience.

Your company can make an impact with clean-up efforts, live promotions, awareness and fundraising activities. Everyone loves cleaner beaches!

  • An eco-friendly and fun corporate event that your company will love to be part of.
  • Work for a cause you’re passionate about Section: Your employees will love it! 
  • You can benefit from clean up campaigns!
  • Why are doing this amazing CSR Activity?

Everyone loves a good beach day, even dogs. However, some of the most popular beaches in Thailand lies in a state of neglect. With all the trash floating around in the ocean, that’s a problem that needs some attention!  

Clean up campaigns, we’re taking action. We’re bringing awareness to this problem and helping to solve it through our massive clean up campaigns. And you can help, too! Cleaning up beaches is no small feat, but we’re doing it with thousands of volunteers and local businesses every year. We take care of all the logistics. From permits to waste disposal, so you can just show up and get your hands dirty. 

Clean Up Campaigns Volunteers

We’re looking for volunteers to help clean up the beaches in Miami! Do you want to help? This is a great opportunity to be part of a local clean up campaign while having fun with your friends. Are you excited about cleaning up the beach? Are you interested in getting involved and doing your part? Let us know! We’re happy to answer questions you may have.** Do you want to organize your own beach clean up event? Join our cause, register your team and let’s clean! We’ll also provide you with all the tools and support needed for a successful event.

But it’s not just about us making money. We want to give you an interesting and fun experience, provide you with a comfortable ride, and let you enjoy Beirut to the fullest. So we do not see this trip as a nightmare or something that you have to go through with. We are instead aiming to provide it as a unique opportunity for you, your colleagues, friends or family to enjoy a collective experience and have memorable time together.

Clean Up Campaigns Conclusion

This is a very fun and unique corporate team building event. We go to the beach, make it even better, and spend time together with like-minded people in a beautiful coastal area. It’s outdoors, it’s healthy, it’s great for team work, it’s fun, if you wish to organize your own reclamation party for your project or company you can use this idea with significant benefits for the office.

As we’ve already said, this kind of activity can be good for the soul and for building relationships between colleagues. It can also go hand in hand with a nice corporate event. We organize a great get-together after the event. You can both continue the “party” feeling and celebrate the team who helped to clean the beach in the first place! Why not combine this event with our fun raft building on the beach!

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Fore more information on this fun CRS environmental corporate team building event contact us today! Don’t forget to add your group size, locations and dates.