Build a Bike for Children Charity CSR Team Building

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Build a bike for children is our most popular charity CSR team building event. Your organization comes together to build bikes and donate them to under-privileged children. This event encourages collaboration and promotes unity within your group, making them more effective as a team and. It’s fun, rewarding, and gives back to the community!

Bike Assembly for Corporate Team Building Events

More than just fun and games. Sure, building a bike isn’t rocket science, but these days most people do little of it at all. With today’s busy schedules, many office workers spend more time using tools on their computers than they do with tools in their hands.

A bicycle assembly event is a great way to get employees out of their chairs and involved in an active, team-building experience that is also fun and rewarding. You may think, Why would I have my staff build bikes? Don’t I have enough work for them to do? In fact, having your company build bikes for children can be good for business because it shows you care!

How We Organize an Awesome Build a Bike Charity Event

First, we decide on a charity partner. Every year, we partner with a local orphanage that is doing some amazing work in our area. After all, we love to helping children. We purchase bikes related to the age of the children and set them up at your chosen hotel. 

We also add a little fun shopping. Your teams venture to the nearest shopping mall to purchase children’s items, which include toys and educational materials.

After shopping, your teams return to build the bikes. Simple right! Perhaps we blindfold a few team participants.

Build a Bike Assembly Tips

We make sure you have all of your tools and safety equipment in order. We equipped each team with one tool kit and one pair of safety gloves. Second, we don’t forget to double-check that all parts are present—if anything is missing or damaged; we fix it before donating the bike to a child.

Reasons Our Clients Love to take part in Build a Bike

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a term used to describe corporate actions that go beyond profit making, often including projects that support social causes. Most corporations now practice at CSR, with such initiatives as matching donations to charity or giving employees time off work to volunteer.

At LairdTeam, we love helping clients develop their own charitable giving programs by running an event where they build bikes that are donated to underprivileged children in developing countries. With our expertise and your company’s support, your teams will have a great time while performing an awesome community service! After all, nothing brings people together like helping kids. 

Benefits of Volunteering With Your Company

A good way to help a cause close to your heart is by volunteering. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts take many forms, and there are opportunities for all levels of involvement, depending on your company’s size and where it’s located. Many businesses take part in events such as build a bike which allow employees to give back to their communities.

Some companies require employees to volunteer a certain number of hours per year, while others offer paid time off or flexible schedules to encourage employee participation in charitable activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Team Building

  • Event Duration: 3-4 hours for this event although this could be dependent on group size.
  • Group Size: 25 persons to over 200+ depending on your chosen location
  • Location: Anywhere across the UK as long as we have a suitable indoor venue.
  • Benefits: Shared common goals, problem solving, leadership and communication.

Quotations are inclusive of:

1 bicycle per team, toolkits, budget for shopping challenge, prize for each winning team member, transportation for children, snacks for children, and MC.

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Visit our partners in the UK on building a bicycle for kids.