Amazing Race Thailand and Singapore Exploring Cities

Amazing Race Thailand Singapore Corporate Events

Amazing Race Thailand and Singapore | Exploring Cities while Developing Teamwork. Our Amazing Race, Thailand and Singapore offers an unparalleled, fun opportunity to explore the beautiful Thai and Singaporean cities with your colleagues. What better to develop your team’s abilities to strategize, delegate, and solve problems together. 

Each race will test your team’s ability to navigate through the local area, whether that means choosing which transport system to use (motorbikes, taxis, trains, etc.) or negotiating with locals to help point you in the right direction at every step of the way.

Amazing Race Thailand Overview

At the start of our Amazing Races, we divide your groups into teams of around 8 people. They then race against each other on a quest to explore amazing places around your chosen city. We limit each team in their resources, and encourage each participant to work together, solving challenges along the way. 

Whether you choose a half or full day, your teams will travel to designated locations across the city in Thailand or Singapore. You may never have time to explore these stunning locations together again, especially during a corporate meeting … so what are you waiting for?

Amazing Race Thailand & Singapore Activities

A Corporate Event to Execute Business Strategies in a Fun Way! (Thailand, Singapore). Think your company could use some more team-building activities? Try an Amazing Race. Instead of sitting at desks throughout the day, or working on a project that may or may not be interesting, select one of our fun corporate events. Venture around cities and get your group exploring unknown places.

Once teams arrive at each designated location they will need to solve a puzzle, riddle or perform a task. Activities may include: singing a song, creating a work of art, shopping, eating some ethnic food such as ‘spicey Somtam’ or down a pint or two!

We can also tailor the activities around your own products and services.

Races take place at multiple locations, with teams completing tasks along with local citizens. This helps your participants learn more about culture, strengthen and relationship with co-workers.. 

We usually split teams into smaller groups and compete against one another, with each member of a team trying to collect points from various places that correspond to assigned tasks on their itinerary; whichever team gets the most points – wins.

How Amazing Races Develop Teamwork

Everyone knows that an effective business is a well-oiled machine. The same principles can apply to teams. Our amazing races are team building events that give you an opportunity to develop teamwork within your organization’s. 

Teams take part in a fast-paced environment, where you can share laughs with your colleagues or friends from other departments. Learn how to function under pressure, tackle major challenges together and bring everyone closer as a cohesive unit.

Amazing Race Thailand and Singapore Overview

This unique experience will push your boundaries as you race around Thailand or the stunning city of Singapore. You’ll have multiple challenges and work with each other you may never have done before. Building those ever-important team-building skills that so many corporations are looking for today with an amazing race.

An Amazing Race From Thailand to Singapore

  • Event Duration:  4-5 hours – could be a full day event.
  • Group Size: 25 persons to over 100 dependent on location
  • Location: Anywhere in Thailand or Singapore – recommend city location.
  • Benefits:  Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Amazing Race Thailand and Singapore Transportation

Transportation is dependent on the city which may include the underground, buses, boats, bicycles, or perhaps the odd elephant or two. Whichever way your teams travel, it’s sure to be fun.

Amazing Race Prizes

There is a prize for the winning team. This could be a bottle of bubbly or perhaps something related to the race of location.

Quotations are inclusive of:

All transportation during the activities, prizes, MC, and all materials associated with the event.

Contact us today for more event information and don’t forget to add your group size, location and dates.