Corporate Team Building Thailand & Singapore

Just a Few Benefits from Our Team Building Thailand Adventures

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We offer a diverse range of creative and engaging team building games in both Thailand and Singapore for groups of any size. From the most creative indoor activities to the most adventurous outdoor ones, we’ve got you covered!

Thailand and Singapore Team Building

Thailand & Singapore Team Building

Team Building is essential to creating strong and productive teams in any organization, big or small. That’s why we offer so many different types of activities that can be adjusted to fit your team’s size and specific needs.

LairdTeam offers a fun selection of events to choose from which includes everything from outdoor activities like scavenger hunts, and amazing races to indoor activities such as build a bike.

Movie making on iPads

Movie Making on iPads Fun Corporate Indoor Events

Movie making on iPads is a fun corporate team building event tailored towards the film industry. Each team is given a great opportunity to create a short movie which could be a comedy, love story or even a commercial adverting your products or services.

Fashion Team Building Thailand Singapore

Fashion and Team Building go Hand in Hand to Inspire Creativity

Fashion team building events are a great way to express yourselves through design and creativity. We have a variety of themed, team building workshops for the fashion conscious and you don’t need to be Calvin Klein or perhaps Giorgio Armani to participate.

Art Workshops Thailand

Painting and Art Workshops Uncovers your Teams Artistic Side

You don’t need to be Picasso, Rembrandt or Salvador Dali to enjoy this art, painting team building activity. Participate and enjoy various forms of art in a workshop that encourages creativity while developing team work in a relaxed environment.

Singapore Team Building!

We’d love to answer any questions you may have on our Team Building Singapore and Thailand


We understand that not everyone may be familiar with corporate team building events. So we’ve put together a list of the most common questions we get asked at our events.

Team building, or corporate team building, is a way to bring your employees together to bond and improve their performance. In the workplace, we see teams of people all the time. 

But how does one go about creating a cohesive unit among people who will work together? Our team building activities get people talking with one another and figure out how they can work well together. We accomplish this by getting people out of the office and into a more relaxed environment that allows them to interact with one another in a non-work setting.

Read more on the 10 Benefits of work teamwork in the workplace.

There are many factors involved in determining the price of an event. Mainly: group size, type of activity chosen, location and dates of the event The larger your group, the cheaper it is per person. 

The further away you are located from us, the more expensive it will be as our team will have to travel longer distances and have to stay overnight in hotels. Get in touch with us today for a quotation and more details.

That depends on a few factors. First, is it an indoor activity or an outdoor one? Second, is your group made up of a lot of beginners or are they more advanced? And finally, does the weather forecast look good on the day of your program? 

If you’re going to be outside for a long time, then you can expect high temperatures and humidity might make conditions more difficult for everyone to enjoy themselves. In that case, plan for shorter periods of time outside and then break into smaller groups to do other activities inside. 

We accept cheques, bank transfers, and cash. The transfer should be made into our corporate account after receiving the invoice for the event. We require a 50% deposit 30 days before the event date so we can set up and prepare the event.

We love to travel, and we’re lucky to be able to take our workshops to some really cool destinations!

Where do we deliver our event activities? Well, if you’re in Singapore, Thailand, or just about anywhere in Asia, we’re here for you. We also have a location in the UK—it’s right in London. Visit our website Laird Events UK